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Is it just me, or does Erik look like Enji Todoroki?

I can't wait for the next update. I wanna know what will happen after. I got hooked with the plot and the game itself.

Really loving it so far! Its got me hooked!

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wait is jack strictly a bottom or does it depend on our choices

It was just a dream.

 If you really want to know the answer to that question you'll have to wait and continue reading the story :3

aaaaaa T^T

I haven't started this vn cause idk I guess I'll just start it now cause it looks scrumptious but I do have a question before I start, is the hot German shepherd detective a character you can date?

I can't say too much without spoilers.

We are changing the story to be more linear and you will find out in the next updates how it will be.

There will be no routes.

Jack is one of the five characters you can end up being with.

You will need patience and good decisions, but you will be able to be with him somehow.

Last time, When I downloaded the game, It kept bombarding me with  a notification saying file not found, I hope starting a new save state can fix that, Love the game 10/10, Keep up the great work!


It is advisable to always start with a new save each time the game is updated in case something goes wrong.

Anyway if something goes wrong and the problem persists do not hesitate to comment it and we will see what we can do.

Also thanks for the support, I always get a good mood when you enjoy my visual novel. :3

Todo bien de momento, salvo por alguna coma mal colocada por ahí (no recuerdo dónde XD) pero da igual, los diálogos se dan a entender y me sacó varias risas. ¡Ánimo con este proyecto! :)

It is allright so far, except for some misplaced comma (don't remember exactly where XD) but its okay, the dialogues are clear and made me laugh. Keep up with it! :)

i love the steven universe music

Hehe, we finally have Toki update! hehe, He was my favorite because of his silly characteristics

An interesting story ^^ can't wait to read this (*^-^*)

Is Jack date-able?


In some point yes, but he is super serious and shy (besides other problems) so his route can be slower than others in relationship terms.


I just want to mention something, when Willem blushes, to me it looks more like a bruise than a blush ( in my opinion ).

Just started playing, love it so far! <3

Interesting, but for me MC is too much anxious, and that makes me feel anxious for him -_-

Love Toki and how he looks nsfw. His legs are drawn just perfect! 

Hope to see more and good luck!


I know Emeka can be a bit annoying with his anxiety right now, but there is a reason for his behavior, and come on he is only 19 years old. Besides, I can assure you that hard times will come sooner or later and he will have no choice but to wise up. :P


Interesting cast and concept! Seems a bit abrupt to be making route decisions when you barely get to know the characters, which causes me to fall back on Willem for being a known friend.  I'm not sure if this is route related to in part how the story plays out or romantic though, which would make a difference in my judgement.

The translation to English only had a few errors.  Biggest issue is that you need to recheck the entire script for/because of he/she, the wrong pronouns got used a lot.

We already checked for those errors. Did you play the first version? Because I think there is no pronouns issue anymore, so please let us know.

I Downloaded and Played 2.0.0

Love it


Hi, I love the game so far!

I noticed you said English wasn't your first language, which is pretty cool! I was wondering if you needed someone to go over the English script and make edits to make the story more readable for English audiences. También sé un poco de español si algo no es comprensible, pero el español no es mi primer idioma. Gracias por el juego, y chau!


Thank you for your offer, but right now we can't pay you and we would feel a little bad.

So not for now, but who knows in the future. :3

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I understand! I'd still be open to doing it later on down the line, even if it's uncompensated! I can't wait to see where this game goes!


I suggest lowering the file size. Because some people may have low storage, it may cause problems if the final update has an insanely huge size and tends to be undownloadable to other people who have problems in storage, I guess and hope in the future you will keep in check of the file size. Some visual novels in itch io they have reached 7+ updates and they keep in check with the file sizes. Thank you


We are currently working on it, especially on android. Don't worry about it. 

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There are a few Spanish texts in the English version but it's still well builded. I can't wait for next update!

We will fix it in the next update, thanks for report it.

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Quiero sugerir que uno pueda seleccionar el idioma antes de la adventencia sobre contenida adulta, o que esta advertencia se presente en ambos idiomas.

Lo tendremos en cuenta para la siguiente versión.

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