Pocket Rain Files Build 15.0 Launch :3

Patch 15.0

This build is now available for free on itch.io.

  • Day 18
  • 2 new CG
  • Translate correction for days 16 & 17

Patch 17.0

This build is now available only for patreons.

  • Day 20
  • 2 unlockable CG
  • Aras sprite
  • Aras emotions
  • Esteban second sprite



com.levtaihowl.pocketrainfiles-1500-universal-release.apk 548 MB
85 days ago
PocketRainFiles-15.0-mac.zip 528 MB
85 days ago
PocketRainFiles-15.0-pc.zip 563 MB
85 days ago

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Oh dear, I'm even feeling heat!! Oh and who is that cute boy peeking around the corner there in that CG? X3

Girl going to be the death of me too.

Ah my theory is coming together nicely, but the question remains, am I even looking in the right spot?