Pocket Rain Files Build 16.0 Launch

Patch 16.0

This build is now available for free on itch.io.

*Day 19

*2 New CG

*Goffric Krauf sprite 

*Himanntai sprite

*Goffric Krauf emotions

*Himanntai emotions

Patch 18.0

This build is now available only for patreons.

  • First half of day 21
  • Moon God background
  • "Anteater" Sprites updated
  • Lina Tenibet Sprites updated



com.levtaihowl.pocketrainfiles-release.apk 562 MB
55 days ago
PocketRainFiles-16.0-pc.zip 555 MB
55 days ago
PocketRainFiles-16.0-mac.zip 540 MB
55 days ago

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Oh god! The metabreaking! I can't breathe! XD

Second new side is cute!

Very good statements made, it is something we all may struggle with, but it is important to be able to distinguish the good from the bad, the right from wrong.  Often times the mistakes and misjudments made by one side in turn make the other side make mistakes and misjudments.  In all cases we go based on what we know and have learned, but when neither side has a proper understanding of the other, chaos ensues.  No matter the community or demographic in the ever changing world, these problems persist the world over.  In the end, morals stand to play the biggest role.  Only the right morals and convictions can lead to peace and prosperity for all.

The following though... being outside your comfort zone is one thing, being shoved out the nest before being taught how to fly is another entirely.  Chance of failure is better than absolute failure.

In all cases the ones we may have relied on our whole life instead of supporting us try to suppress us, and instead of talking it out, aim to come up with nothing but weak excuses.  In this I have the same situation with my parents as Emeka does with his mom.  In either case casting doubt on our actions when we strive to do them anyway just makes things even worse then having opted to not go through with it.  Trying to deny ones fears often makes them come true.